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Posted on 11.03.2020


At the State Puppet Theater named after Hovh. Tumanyan armenian actress Anais Sardaryan with volunteers collects food and necessary things from morning till night, more than a month. Because of the war that began in September, many families had to leave their homes, and their breadwinners remained to defend their homeland. Therefore, Anais decided that her duty was to help those who needs help. At first the assistance was different, in the form of finding houses, finding transport for families, but now this initiative focuses on providing food and basic necessities. The unique aspect of the assistance is that families are provided with an individual approach, in the form of necessary medicines and other materials, food for newborns and young children.

At first the whole work was done by the personal Instagram page of Anais, then a separate page was created in Instagram, for the development of the system, where volunteers keep in touch with families by direct messages.

From the very beginning it was very important for Anais that the help was not in the form of financial transfers to her personal account, but in the form of food or other items already purchased. Supporters of the initiative provide their assistance by ordering food without transferring money. 

To justify this idea, Anais and her volunteers launched #hanunmibaliki challenge. The aim of this challenge is to spend your own money not on cafes or on restaurants, but to buy food or other goods for children or families. 

Since october 1st Anais has been working on the initiative, with 4-5 volunteer-friends, but now she works with a team including 35-45 volunteers, helping 300-400 families every day. Due to the work of Anais and her team, over 8,000 families have already received help. 

The aim of the initiative is one - the victory, which Anais reminds to his volunteers, to those who regularly provide any assistance at different times of day.

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