About us

iMiracleProject is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.

Our Vision is to provide help and support to teenagers and young adults with substance abuse in our local communities by providing a gateway to sobriety as well as aiding them in the achievement of their lifetime dreams. 

Our core belief is no matter what the circumstances are, everyone dealing with substance abuse deserves a chance. No matter how hard life can hit, everyone deserves a second chance. We assist teenagers and young adults by providing not only re-socialization through sport programs, but other services such as getting enrolled into college and resources to employment. The goal is to help rebuild and restore the lives of these once rejected by integrating them back into our society.

In collaboration with various organizations locally and abroad iMiracleProject hosts, organizes and participates in Anti-Drug Sports Tournaments & Camps. 

Anyone interested in traveling with our team is welcome to contact us to set up an interview and go through our orientation.

We encourage everyone around the Globe to record and send us their miracle stories (please be sure to have good clean sound and keep the footage around 3-5 minutes). We will create the titles, intro, add keywords for Google and publish to let the World see!

If this project inspires you please donate and get connected with us, subscribe, like and share our videos. #iMiracleProject

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel and stay tuned for many incredible miracle stories! 

Our Team:

Serge Bagdasarov/ Founder 

Stan Tate/Compliance Director

Grigory Vodolazov / Media Relations Coordinator

Adam Sarov / Volunteer Coordinator

Marar Markarov/ Volunteer Coordinator

Lyudmila Kostenko/ Coordinator of Planned Giving

Vlad Kulikov/ Sport Programs Coordinator

Colin Stephens/ Creative Director

David Grigoryan/ Video Production

Seline Barnes/ Grant Writer and Executive Assistant

Angelina Petrosyan/ Attorney

Sofia Usova/ Accountant